Welcome to the web pages of the memoria21 project

The memoria21 project focuses on the descents of survivors of the Holocaut. You will find material such as didactically prepared literature, audio examples, and possibilities for own research related  to this field accompanying you with the original texts of the survivors.

Currently the way of the propagation of the experiences made with and during the Holocaust is changing. Up to now contemporary witnesses can still report on their experience and remembrance face-to-face. In the future one has to rely on other sources.

Within the memoria21 project reports of survivors of the persecution by the nazi regime are recorded and bibliographised. In this context preferentially reports of unknown and often unexercised writers are brought into the center of attention. These autobiographical affected reports provide an important approach to the Holocaust and to its remembrance.

Regionally the memoria21 project is focused on the southern part of Swabia. Reports of survivors of the Holocaust from the satellite camps of the concentration camps Dachau, Natzweiler, and Buchenwald are in the center of interest.

In a dedicated data base the collected reports are bibliographised and made available for own research.

Thank you very much for your interest in our project!