memoria21 - Concept

The memoria21 project grasps literature dealing with the Holocaust as kind of a super-ordinated idea.
It includes recollections of different authors being severely threatened by the Nazi regime’s politics of persecution and annihilation.
The survivors put their personal experiences and remembrances into their own words.
For this purpose wide-ranging literary means such as autobiographical reports and novels, philosophical essays, short reports, poems, theatricals, and scientific studies were applied.
The memoranda originate from survivors of the Holocaust being imprisoned in satellite concentration camps located in the southern region of Swabia and are compiled in a linguistic corpus.
The texts are lined up in a data base and made available for public research.
The catalogued texts of the data base are linked to well-known homepages of commemorative memorials and of cultural institutions dealing with the Holocaust to enable the web-based interchange of information about this topic.
This multi-media proposal of information is enlarged by audio data sets, text samples, and additional link lists.
In any kind of scholar education the topics concerning the Holocaust are directly associated to the education of standards and principles. Suitable texts for teaching in different grades were chosen and inter-disciplinary didactical modules were developed.
The memoria21 project understands itself as “work in progress”. It is continuously interested in further texts and their accommodation in the data base.